writing1. Look for free wifi.

Cafes will be your new favourite places, if they weren’t already, especially if they have a  ‘free wifi’ label on the window.  Spread your coffee and lunch out for a couple of hours to give you maximum writing time.

2. Bring your own internet modem or have plenty of credit on your phone. 

It can be extremely frustrating when you want to get your post out on time and suddenly, none of your photos are displayed due to a slow connection.  Come prepared with your own internet if the wi-fi isn’t strong.

3. Plan your posts well in advance.

Sometimes, you will go off on a tour for three or four days and there won’t be time to write.  Make sure you have several posts ready to go and schedule them in advance.  That way, your readers won’t miss out!

4. Charge your laptop when you can.

There won’t always be a powerpoint at your disposal and there’s nothing more frustrating having an idea that you can’t put down on paper.  Be prepared!

5. Take a notebook and pen.

It may seem a bit old fashioned, but just in case there’s no power outlet or internet connection, you can at least write down your ideas before you forget them.

6. Keep your photos well organised and labelled.  

When internet is limited, you need to have all your photos ready to upload, so keep them organised on your laptop and, when the time comes, there won’t be a delay.

7. Make time.  

It is easy to get carried away travelling and relaxing, but make sure you set aside time to write.  Personally, I find it nice to find a cafe and spend a couple of hours in the morning working on my blog.  But, sometimes, my ideas come late at night, in which case, I jot down notes on my phone and revise them the next day.

8. Look at things from a new angle. 

Lots of people are doing the same thing as you.  There will be other posts about the same tours and the same experiences.  Try to look at things from a new angle and make sure you stay true to yourself.  Authenticity will always shine through.

9. Not everyone will be interested in reading your posts – don’t worry about it! 

Blog about your adventures anyway.  They are a great way to document your trip and, when you settle and work for a bit, you can look back and reminisce over all the great times!

10. Make sure you read other people’s blogs too.  

Sometimes, with lack of internet, it can be difficult to choose between writing your own posts and reading others.  Obviously, the more you read and interact, the more people check out your blog.  Plus, you come across some great ideas and make online friendships!

If you are are a travel blogger, I would love to hear your tips for blogging on the road!  Feel free to share your ideas below.

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  1. Great tips for blogging, especially on the road. Having learnt from bitter experience, I would also add : Reduce your photos to at least 800mm, otherwise you will use up your storage space on Word Press too quickly and will have to revisit old posts and adjust the photo size. I usually reduce photos of 4000mm x 3000mm to 20 percent of their original size, while smaller photos of 1600mm x 1200mm need only be reduced to 40 percent. Irfan is a program, which can reduce the size of your photos in batches very quickly and is a free download. Definitely worth doing, especially if you use a lot of photos, as it is a mammoth job to correct!


  2. After our first long trip (33 days through India, Nepal and Thailand), I decided to stop carrying my laptop on trips. I do all my road posts on an iPad mini now. I miss the convenience of the laptop, but not the bulk of it when traveling light!

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    1. Wow, that must have been an amazing trip! I’m very keen to go to India and Nepal, plus revisit parts of Thailand! An iPad mini does sound a lot lighter, though my MacBook Air is doing well at the moment and is so much lighter than a regular laptop. Where is your next trip?


      1. We just returned from 45 days around Europe, so first we’ll do some laundry then plan the next trip! 🙂 India and Nepal are both amazing (our trip is documented at http://cascadianabroad.com/india-nepal-and-thailand/). You might also check out Intrepid Travel’s Delhi to Kathmandu trip for an authentic and low-stress experience. We loved it!

        I love my MacBook Pro, but I’ve figured out a good workflow with my iPad that keeps my bag lighter and me less worried about where my laptop might be in some of those shadier travel moments!

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      1. it’s suuuper slow, and painfully full of typos. But the way I travel in which usually I wake up at 6am and don’t have a rest until 10pm, there is no time to take the laptop out… Is double tasking or not sleeping 😛
        Great post anyway 🙂

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