One of the joys of staying in your campervan, is that you can spend time over breakfast, without having to rush off for work.  We have discovered a variety of delicious breakfasts that don’t take too much time.  All you need is a gas stove, a full gas bottle, a billy, a frypan and a toast rack.  Camping may just bring out the gourmet chef in you!


Add your favourite oats/muesli mix to milk, yoghurt or canned fruit and voila!  A cheap and simple feast that will keep you going for ages!


Fruit salad

Choose tropical fruits that are in season, chop them all up and mix together in a bowl.  I particularly like the mango/banana combination, with perhaps a splash of passionfruit!


Baked Beans on toast

This tends to be an easy and cheap staple for us.  All you need to do is heat up the baked beans, pop them on buttered toast and add a few slices of cheese (if you want to glam it up a bit).  What’s more, you can choose beans in tomato/BBQ/traditional English sauces to mix up the flavours.


Eggs on toast

Scrambled of fried seem to be the easiest way of cooking eggs on toast in the van.  Getting a consistent simmer in the billy is quite tricky, but you could try poaching them.  Toast some bread on the side and slather with butter to make a delicious feast!


Mushrooms on toast

Fry up some mushrooms in butter, toss in a few finely chopped or dry herbs and serve on buttered toast with a cup of tea.


Avocado and Vegemite on toast (or pancakes)

This sounds like a strange combination, but it works well (if you like vegemite)!  Toast some bread, or English muffins, crumpets or even pancakes.  Butter and vegemite to your liking.  Then top with fresh avocado.  Goes well with a cup of tea too!


Peanut Butter on toast

Simple and easy.  Peanut butter doesn’t need refrigeration so it tends to be a good one for emergencies.  Don’t be afraid to put butter and peanut butter on toast together.  Accompany with a freshly-brewed coffee.


Caramelised peaches on pancakes

Save for special occasions, as the pancakes take a while to fry on the stove and your gas bottle might run out rather quickly.  Save on buying all the ingredients by getting the pancake pre-mix in bottles in the supermarket.  Then, simply add water, give it a shake, and fry them up with a bit of butter or oil.  Afterwards, fry butter and peaches into the pan, add sugar until caramelised and eventually splash in a dash of cream or milk (optional) to finish it off.  Pop on the top of your pancakes and enjoy!





So, if you’re a bit sick of the same old breakfast routine, I hope this has given you some inspiration for breakfasts to enjoy while you’re on the road.  Feel free to share any of your go-to recipes below.  It would be great to add to the collection!

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  1. Those breakfasts look so good, especially the tropical fruit and the caramelised peaches! Shame you’re such a long way away, otherwise we’d be joining you for breakfast every day!!! xxx


  2. Mm, everything looks so good! I’m all for the baked beans on toast: starch and carbs never cease to make me happy!

    …and the avocado+Vegemite combination sounds pretty cool! I tried Vegemite for the first time back in November, and it wasn’t bad (then again, I had a small portion of it; good in moderation!). 🙂

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