Autumn in Berlin has not been a disappointment.  Whilst the weather has been getting colder, the colourful streets have come somewhat as a surprise.  In Australia, we might see the Autumn colours in the local parks, but not in the forests. Every time I go for a walk, I need to take a photo of all the colourful leaves.

1.Take a walk in one the many parks

Berlin has so many parks throughout the city – from Tiergarten to Treptow Park, you won’t be able to avoid the rich, colourful leaves floating gently to the ground.  As Autumn nears the end, you will see the odd leaf clinging on for dear life!

Tiergarten, when the leaves are just starting to change colour
Körner Park
A perfect Autumn tree, near Neukölln

2.Explore the forest by foot

A short drive from Berlin takes you into the heart of the forest, where the Autumn colours stretch on forever and the ground is covered with leaves.  Choose a sunny day and everything will be glowing.  The forest tracks around Müggelsee and Teufelsee are particularly impressive and have fewer crowds.

Walking around Teufelsee, Grunewald

3.Enjoy the annual Berlin Festival of Lights

Rug up in your beanie, gloves and scarf to enjoy the annual Berlin Festival of Lights.  Every year, in October, Berlin puts on a free light display, illuminating all the historic and iconic landmarks, from the TV tower through to Brandenburg Tor.  The light display changes every couple of minutes, so make sure you hang around at each building for a while.

Brandenburg Tor
Humboldt University

4. Carve pumpkins for Halloween

There are pumpkins for sale everywhere at this time of year in the build up to Halloween on 31st of October.  Cut the lid off, scoop out the flesh and use a knife to carve a scary face, an owl, or whatever you like really!  Put a tea candle inside and you have the perfect table decoration.

My pumpkin is the cute little cat to the left!
Some delightful halloween pumpkins

5. Warm up on treats

As the temperatures start to drop, you will be more inclined to warm up on tasty treats, like waffles with cherries and cream!  I recently learnt how to make an iconic German dish – a Flammkuchen.  Basically, spread sour cream onto a thin pizza base and cover with thinly sliced leek, goats cheese and herbs.  Once it has been baked in the oven, drizzle it with honey and enjoy with a glass of wine!

My first homemade Flammkuchen

6. Take your camera around the city streets

You don’t need to walk far to find colourful autumn leaves.  Yes, you can walk to the park, or through the forest, but some of the most impressive views are around the local streets.  I took this photo a few blocks away from our apartment.

My local neighbourhood
Walking around the city streets
More Autumn colours

7. Climb to the top of Müggelturm

Müggelturm stands tall in the centre of the forest, in Köpenick.  A tower of some form has stood here since 1880 and has provided visitors with panoramic views for over a hundred years.  It was also used as a radio transmission tower during World War II.  The current tower was opened in 1961 – it is not the prettiest building, but the views are spectacular.  From the top, you can see Berlin, along with a couple of large lakes and, of course, the magnificent Autumn leaves in the forest!

A view of Müggelsee from the top of the tower

What have you been up to this Autumn?  What are some other great activities to fit in before the Winter hits?!

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  1. Stunning photos! I really enjoyed all the wonderful Autumn colours and the Halloween pumpkins are fantastic! I’d love to taste the Flammkuchen too! It looks delicious!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it! I thought you might like the autumn colours! I’ll make the Flammkuchen for you when we come to visit – it’s very easy and very delicious! Xoxox


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