Prague.  Photography:

On a train en route to Prague, I was fortunate enough to sit in a carriage with two musicians, who were going to be playing at an open mic night!  This was four years ago – I had never performed myself, but was keen to go and see it.  Perhaps it provided some inspiration for when I returned home later that year and mustered up the courage for my first performance.  These kindly people helped me to the correct train platform when we arrived. I managed to find a gorgeous hostel, with an eight bed dorm, all to myself for the first night.  What luck!

I then navigated the streets to go and watch them perform.  It was a wonderful evening.  Both friends gave me a free copy of their CDs, which served as a reminder of my first moments in this wonderful city.

open mic (1)
Open mic night in Prague

With only a couple of nights in Prague and nearing the third month of my European travels, I was keen to just absorb the city, browse the streets and take in the sights in a more relaxed fashion.  Some of the highlights included:

The Old Town Square

Have a beer and some lunch in one of the many cafes, or simply stroll around and admire all the pretty buildings.  It has been the main public square in Prague since the 10th Century and it has stood the test of time.

Old Town Square, Prague.  Photography:
Prague central (1)
Some pretty buildings leading down a street from the town square.

Climbing the Clock Tower

I always love getting to the highest point of a city.  It helps me to get my bearings, as well as being a brilliant vantage point for photos.  The clock tower in Prague was no exception!  The astronomical clock on the front of the tower is also worth watching, especially when it strikes the hour!  There is a delightful display, not to be missed.

Astronomical clock, Prague.  Photography:
Coloured buildings from clocktower (1)
View from the clocktower, Prague

Prague Castle

It is good fun exploring this fairy tale castle, with all its historic buildings, galleries and museums.  Situated up on the hill and visible from all over the city centre, it is longing to be visited!

Prague Castle (1)
Prague Castle

Mucha Museum

If you are a fan of Art Nouveau, be sure to check out the Mucha Museum, brimming with the work of Czech artist, Alphonse Mucha.  A very inspiring visit for all art-lovers.

Mucha museum (1)
Mucha Museum, Prague

Charles Bridge

Built in the 1300’s, this beautiful bridge offers magical photo opportunities, but be sure to get there early if you don’t like crowds.  Also, watch your purses – a friend I was travelling with at the time had some cash stolen out of a side pocket of her handbag, but the pickpocket disappeared into the crowd so quickly, we hardly noticed the thieving hands.

Walking across the Charles Bridge.  Photography

The local food

Aside from the obvious (a pint of Czech beer), I tried out the local Vepřo-knedlo-zelo, which is basically roast pork with bread dumplings and sauerkraut (cabbage).  It was quite tasty at the time, although these days, I would be more interested in seeing the vegetarian options.

traditional czech meal (1)

Another interesting food street food was the trdelnik, a rolled pastry sprinkled with sugar and spice and cooked over the flames.  A delicious snack for any time of the day!

TRDLO sweet pastry (1)

Prague was absolutely over-flowing with all sorts of interesting things to see and do.  I left the city reluctantly, as it seemed I had only just scratched the surface.  Nonetheless, it’s always good to have an excuse to return to this fairytale city another day.

What else would you recommend on a trip to Prague?  Make a list below and I’ll be sure to visit your suggestions next time!

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  1. The John Lennon Wall was one of my favourite spots in Prague, and the view from the castle was stunning too. I was told the castle gardens are well worth a visit if you’re there in spring – I was a little too early for that when I visited. If you’re into quirky architecture it’s worth taking a detour to see ‘Dancing House’. I’d love to go back to Prague one day!

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    1. Ooh thanks for all your suggestions! I remember having a short walk in the castle gardens but our time was limited. The ‘Dancing House’ sounds intriguing! I will definitely have to make a return trip sometime too! Thanks for reading 🙂

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      1. I only had 24 hours there so was very much time-limited, but my Airbnb hosts really helped me make the most of my time there. I would have missed a few gems otherwise, despite having done a fair bit of pre-trip research!

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  2. Prague has got to be one of my favorite cities I’ve visited in Europe! I love Old Town Square and trying Czech cuisine. Didn’t get to climb the clock tower, but I really want to should I return someday. My favorite spot was Petrin Hill which I hiked up to get incredible views of the city. Plus, it was super peaceful and away from the touristy scene which I loved!

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