Winter in Berlin has turned out to be such a treat so far!!  It all started with the December frosts – everything was cold, you could see the ice on the leaves and people scraping their windscreens in the morning.  Truck drivers threw gravel onto the crossings and busy roads, so there would be fewer accidents. The wind cut through my clothes and it was a good excuse to buy some nice warm winter boots, a long jacket, scarf and gloves.  I warmed my hands up on mulled wine at the Christmas markets and enjoyed our cosy, warm apartment. We lit advent candles and enjoyed a magical Christmas – more mulled wine, warm nut roasts, candles on the tree and plenty of presents!

The first frost of the season

Then, just as the grey sky was starting to bother me, it was time for the new year.  And, in Germany, this means fireworks!  You can buy them from the local supermarket – anyone can buy them.  And they set them off in the streets – fireworks go whizzing sideways, followed by clouds of smoke and loud bangs.  We set off our own fireworks, each of which had special names: The frog, which hopped along the ground; Candy, thrown on the ground to produce a quick bang; the Rocket, which shot up into the sky; and the Bee, which spun around and went buzzing over the roof.  Fireworks happen everywhere – there’s no avoiding it, so you may as well join in!

Image: Pixabay
Image: Pixabay

I thought winter couldn’t get any better, but then there came the snow!  I was at school one day, preoccupied in my work, when suddenly, I looked out the window to see a blanket of snow covering the ground.  I was thrilled!  The next day, it snowed again, more heavily – it was magical to see it floating through the sky – everything seems so quiet, peaceful and clean!  I rugged up and took a walk to one of my favourite nearby parks. Last time I was here, it was covered in golden Autumn leaves.  Now, it was pure white snow.  Families took sleds down the gentle slope and darkness was approaching, so I set off for home. I have never lived in snow country before – it feels like I am in a story book- just another one of the joys of living in a foreign land!

Snowing heavily in Neukölln
My first taste of snow in Berlin!
Snow in Neukölln
Körner Park in Winter
More snow in Neukölln, Berlin

What are your favourite parts about Winter?  Have you got any suggestions for fun snow activities?!

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  1. Wow! Your snow photos are amazing- snow really does transform a landscape and renders it quite magical! I love your descriptions of Winter in Berlin! You really are making the most of all your experiences over there and are having such a great time! What fun to be able to set off your own fireworks, a fond memory from my own childhood in Australia, but no longer legal here! Particularly loved the photo of our very own snow bunny! xxx

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    1. Haha glad you enjoyed the photos – yes, snow does seem to make everything look magical, like something out of a story book! I’m glad you were also able to set off your own fireworks! Xoxox


  2. Lovely photos. I can understand your excitement 🙂 The funny thing is that from this year, I’ve actually started liking winter. Before that (6th year in colder part of Europe..), I just saw it as trouble ha ha. But maybe because this year it has snowed a lot more than my previous years in Poland, making everything look so beautiful.

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  3. That is so much snow! I think it looks prettier in the pictures than it feels in real life haha, I usually duck away for indoor activities like museums and hot chocolate by the fireplace. Glad you enjoyed your winter visit!

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    1. I am actually now living in Berlin and, despite the cold, I am really enjoying the snow! It makes a beautiful change from the grey, wet days 🙂 But yes, museums and hot chocolates are probably the way to go if you want to stay warm! Thanks for reading 🙂


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