I am happy to announce a few more of my travel articles have been converted into apps with GPSmycity, a travel app that allows you to download city walks and travel articles to your iOS device for free. For a small fee, you have the option to upgrade each article to include maps, which are connected to the GPS on your phone.  This way, as you read an article, you can track your path around the city and go exactly where the author went.  The best thing about the app is that it is all offline.

My Travel Article Apps

I’m launching two new article apps today:

Please  download them for free and keep them in your pocket!  Just click on my article links below to download the app on your iOS device.  Then, open up the app and you will be redirected to the article.  Happy travels!

Image: GPSmycity

Note: If you upgrade any of my available articles in the future, I will receive a few cents too, which will help in the upkeep of my blog! 

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