Have you ever thought of mixing Coke with Fanta?  Or how about adding a dash of green to your beer?  Yes, Australia has the Snakebite (beer with pink cordial), but let’s take a look at what Berlin has to offer!  As you can imagine, a lot of these drinks involve beer, but there are a couple of tasty non-alcoholic concoctions too.

1. Berliner Pilsner

When in Berlin, you have to try their local beer, best enjoyed out in the sunshine, or strolling through the many parks.  In Berlin, is perfectly acceptable to crack open a beer in a public place, so don’t feel like you have to watch over your shoulder for the police!  It is also fine to put your bottle anywhere on the pavement (preferably near the rubbish bin) – you get money back for your bottles here, so if you don’t return it, somebody will!

Image: Pixabay

2. Club-Mate

You will see people all over Berlin with this bottled drinks that look very much like beer.  In fact, they are a non-alcoholic drink reminiscent of a South American iced tea.  On first sip, it will take very much like medicine and you will probably never want to buy it again.  However, as you reach the end of the bottle, you might find yourself rather enjoying it.  Apparently, nobody likes it the first time. But you grow to like it over time.  I will call myself a true Berliner once I can really appreciate a bottle of this rather unique concoction!


3. Spezi

This delicious drink is basically fanta and coca cola mixed together.  It is extremely refreshing in Summer – you could easily mix it yourself, or you can buy the special bottle pre-made!


4. Berliner Wieße with Grün

This green, sweet syrup is typically mixed with beer for a delightful afternoon beverage.  Traditionally served in a bowl, ours was delivered in extremely wide beer glasses.  The bar tender poured the syrup in first, before tipping the beer bottle on its end and swirling it round and round in the glass until it was full.


5. Lemon Beer

If you prefer your beer a little less green, there are plenty of other sweet afternoon drinks to get you going.  The Radler is my favourite, which is a mix of lemonade and beer.  There are plenty of variations of this drink, so make sure you try a different one each time.



13 thoughts

  1. Interesting combinations!!! Unfortunately, I’m not a beer girl, but I don’t know that I’m brave enough for Club-Mate either! Which reduces me to Spezi! I will have to try mixing it here, though why ruin a good Fanta!!! I will let you know how it goes!!! Enjoyable post!

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  2. I thought I had some kind of knowledge about beer and German drinks. Reading your listing I can admit I knew nothing. 😀
    Well, planning to visit my friends in Berlin this summer and for sure experiencing some of these! (Club-Mate I leave for others).

    Liked by 1 person

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