As a person passionate about travel, I admit that I love the thrill of being on the road, the constant adventure, high after high.  I love meeting new people every day, exploring new places, trying new foods and absorbing everything around me.  It can get addictive and sometimes even a little exhausting.  Now that I find myself living in my own apartment in Berlin, I am absolutely loving the simple pleasures of day-to-day life – the things you don’t get when you are moving around lot.  I think one of the biggest things traveling has taught me is to live in each moment and appreciate the little things in life, no matter how small.  Here are a few of my simple pleasures:

A Sunday Breakfast

Nothing beats a Sunday breakfast in Germany, complete with a variety of hard and soft cheeses, fresh bread rolls (brötchen) and a boiled egg.  I also have to sneak in a bit of Vegemite!  These breakfasts are, by far, best enjoyed at home, in a cosy warm apartment, while the snow floats down outside, or even better, with sunlight streaming through the window and the promise of spring on the way!


Freshly cut flowers

The florists in Berlin are always brimming with flowers, no matter what time of year!  These tulips were given to us as a late-Winter gift and they brightened up the apartment beautifully.  Whatever variety of flower, they are very affordable and make those long grey days of winter a little more bearable!


Retail Therapy

When I’m travelling I live a very minimalistic lifestyle – everything has to fit into a backpack and you don’t want it to get too heavy because you are the one who has to carry it all!  Now that I’m in one spot for a while, I’m really enjoying shopping for seasonal clothing, whether it be a warm winter jacket or spring dress!



I love finding good books to read.  Reading is the perfect activity for any time of year, whether it be snuggled up under a blanket in winter, on a picnic rug in a park in spring, or lazing on the beach in summer.  Having a book shelf again is one of my favourite things.  Now I just need to fill it up with all my favourite books!


A patchwork quilt and a movie

There’s nothing nicer in the middle of winter than snuggling under the quilt with a cup of tea in hand, watching a good film.  I’ve been lucky enough for a while to have a pull-down cinema screen in the living room – now I just need a pop corn maker to complete the experience!

Image: Pixabay

A hot bubble bath

At Christmas, I was given a selection of luxurious bath products.  My favourite thing to do on the weekend now is to fill up the tub, pour in the bubbles and have a good soak, preferably with a candle in the window and a book in my hand!

Image: Pixabay

These are some of my simple pleasures!  What are yours?

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  1. Beautiful post and loved the old-fashioned bath picture! Simple pleasures are the best! Books and movies, a good jigsaw, hand embroidery, arranging flowers, enjoying the garden, and a long hot soak in a big deep bath at the end of the day- just bliss!!!

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  2. I am so with you there. The joy of being home and doing the random everyday things that you do not get to do when you are travelling takes away the sting from not travelling. When I am on the move, I miss the cold coffee I whizz every morning to wake myself up, having All my clothes at hand (the joy of sifting through the wardrobe), the fresh smell of laundry, running in the park, frequenting the fresh market and dropping into the library to return home with piles of books. Oh yes, and the piles of books.

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  3. Great post! I enjoy my own bathroom when I’m at home, with my products , towels and candles.I love the contrast of being home vs being on the road. I think one really helps you appreciate the other.

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    1. Thank you and yes, I agree! By being on the road, it really helps you see the pleasure in home life and vice versa. Having your own bathroom is a real treat after being on the road!


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