I’m launching another couple of article apps this week with GPSmycity!  If you would like to try before you buy, check out the two giveaways below.  Once downloaded, you can upgrade them for free for the next seven days.  Let’s hope some of my readers are heading to Denmark this Summer!

What is GPSmycity?

Basically, this app allows you to download city walks and travel articles onto your iOS or Android device for free.  You can then upgrade each article to include maps, which are connected to the GPS on your phone.  This way, as you read an article, you can track your path around the city and go exactly where the author went!

The Benefits of Travel Article Apps

  • Travel articles and city walks can be downloaded for free and read offline.
  • Upgrade for a small fee to have access to offline maps, which are connected to your phone by GPS.  This means you can download articles before you leave and, when you arrive, enjoy exploring all the sights without having to rely on good internet connection!
  • Download articles specific to your interests and read about them as you explore the neighbourhood.
  • Learn about the history of famous sights, without having to join a large tour group.
  • Discover new neighbourhoods or shopping areas like a local
  • Travel article apps are available for cities all over the world.  Plus, they fit in your pocket!

Note: If you upgrade any of my available articles, I will receive a few cents too, which will help in the upkeep of my blog! 

2 thoughts

  1. What a terrific idea, especially if you are travelling! I’m sure your readers will get lots of value from your travel apps. Well done!

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