Recently, I had the privilege of staying with an old friend in Karlsruhe.  From here, we took a tram (S8) and she gave me a guided tour of some of the little villages in the northern Black Forest region.  Here is what we discovered:


This pretty town is full of half-timbered houses and cobbled laneways. From here, you can take a walking track up to Schloss Eberstein, situated on top of the hill overlooking the village.  The fresh, misty air is perfect for walking through this pretty forest and, once at the top, the view is spectacular!  When we reached the castle, it started to snow, which was bizarre considering it was mid-April and all the flowers were blooming!  It made it a very magical experience!

Centre of Gernsbach
Walking out of town
Half-timbered house

Schloss Eberstein

This castle is in a stunning position, situated high on the hill with grape vines lining the steep slopes in front.  There are some delicious fine-dining options in here.  We treated ourselves to the lower restaurant, overlooking the village.  We took advantage of asparagus season and ordered the specials.  My white asparagus with hollandaise sauce was amazing and well-deserved after our walk!  My friend ordered Asparagus with Bärlauch (bear’s garlic) and mushrooms.  Luckily we got to taste each others.  I couldn’t decide which one I preferred most!

Walking trail to Schloss Eberstein
Walking through the Black Forest
View from Schloss Eberstein
White Asparagus season
Schloss Eberstein


From the castle, you can walk down the other side of the hill to another pretty village full of half-timbered houses and blooming gardens.  We enjoyed exploring the streets before jumping back on the tram and heading to another village.

Pretty German houses


Our final stop was Forbach.  As we walked up to the church, it started to snow again and I felt so lucky to be exploring southern Germany in this mystical weather!  We checked out the inside of the church before walking through town, over the historic bridge and back on the tram home.

View from the church in Forbach
The historic bridge in Forbach

Of course, after this little taste of the Black Forest, I am super keen to return and continue these explorations!  Luckily, I have a very good friend who doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon!

Where would you recommend visiting in the Black Forest region? 

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  1. What a lovely post! Your photos are beautiful- love the little old villages, cobbled lanes and half-timbered houses! That asparagus dish must have been so delicious! Even though Winter has only just started here, I’m already looking forward to Spring, though we will have to plant more asparagus!!!

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    1. Thank you! It was a very photogenic area 🙂 Even though it was springtime, I couldn’t believe it actually snowed! And yes, I hope you plant some asparagus that I get to enjoy over the summer! xox

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  2. Darling Jen Loved the Black Forest .What wonderful experiences you are having . I look forward to your blogs so much and am very proud of you.Keep them coming lots of love

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