The Summer break has just started and I now have six glorious weeks to backpack around Europe.  I’ll be focusing on Eastern Europe this time and look forward to sharing these adventures with you. As a pre-warning, my posts over the coming weeks may be littered with typos and over-enthusiastic drivel, including words like amazing, wonderful, spectacular, awe-inspiring, fascinating, incredible, interesting and so on!  I haven’t lived out of my backpack for a whole year now, but I am sure it won’t take too long to readjust. It will be open and spontaneous travel, booking each destination on the go. Here are a few essential items to remember to take along:

  • backpack
  • passport
  • travel towel
  • international power adaptor
  • travel apps – currency converter, offline maps and google translate
  • padlock for luggage
  • travel toiletries bag and small-sized containers
  • smart phone – put on aeroplane mode to save power
  • laptop and journal
  • a book
  • spare plastic bags for wet towels
  • sleep sheet
  • flip-flops to wear in the hostel showers
  • sense of adventure!

Traveling from a European base is so much easier and cheaper than flying from Australia – definitely going to make the most of this while I’m here.  Let’s see where this adventure will lead!

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