Zagreb was an unexpected surprise!  This capital city of Croatia is brimming with delicious food, delightful old buildings and a buzzing night life.  As a backpacker, head to the Chill Out Hostel, which offers both opportunities to chill out and party hard, especially on a weekend!  The staff are super friendly and laid back and it is so central, you can literally walk out the door, take the funicular up the hill and be in the old town.  Or walk around the corner and find yourself in the main city square.

Take the shortest funicular ride in the world 

It is cheap as chips and a very short thrill, but why not?  Saves walking up all those stairs!

Riding on the funicular

Climb the bell tower for striking city views  

Another cheap tourist attraction, this is a must!  The views are breath taking and it is fun spiralling up all those stairs.

View from the bell tower

Do a free walking tour

The guide will take you to all the important old buildings and churches and give you a good run down on the basics of Croatian language and food.

The main town square
Best roof in Zagreb!

Explore the street art

On the free walking tour, our guide explained how the street art is used to cover up the tattered state of some of the old buildings!  Whatever the reason, street art really brings a hipster vibe to the city.  Don’t miss the big whale near the love lock fence!



Museum of Broken Relationships

This novel museum is one of the biggest attractions of Zagreb. It is full of items that have been donated from broken relationships (and they all come attached with a story).  Some of the stories are funny and others give you chills.  It is certainly thought-provoking and will have you contemplating life and the complexity of relationships!

Museum of Broken Relationships

Ride in a vintage car

Well, I’m not sure if this is something your average tourist can do.  There was a wedding in a nearby church and the drivers were waiting by the old-school cars, so I leapt at the opportunity to get a photo!  The driver was very kind and let me jump in, very quickly, as he watched nervously for the bridal party to return.

My personal vintage car ride

Have a drink on Pub Street

From the hostel, I accidentally found myself caught up in Pub Crawls on both Friday and Saturday evening!  You won’t miss this street, regardless of whether you are on an embarrassing yet fun pub crawl, or whether you simply crawl up and down with your friends!  It is full-to-the-brim with bars, pubs, restaurants and clubs.

Local beer

From Zagreb, you can also take a day trip to Plitvice Lakes National Park, or simply use it as a stop over before hitting the Croatian beaches further south.  Just be aware that peak season can be extremely crowded and it pays to book in advance.

What are your favourite places in Zagreb?  Where would you go if you were staying a bit longer? 

20 thoughts

  1. What a great time you had and what an interesting place! The Museum of Broken Relationships is intriguing and I loved the whale! But best of all was the photo of you in the vintage bridal car! Shades of my pose in Maggie Beer’s kitchen!!! Looking forward to the Plitvice Lakes!!! xxx

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      1. Well! We accidentally followed a tour group into Maggie’s TV kitchen, posed for a shot behind the stove, then discovered that as mere general public, we weren’t supposed to be there and left very rapidly! Most amusing!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Zagreb isn’t somewhere I’ve considered visiting before – mainly because I didn’t think there was much there to do! Apparently I was wrong though, haha – I love all of your suggestions, and am going to reconsider adding Zagreb to my list of places to go 🙂 x

    Liked by 1 person

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