View of Dubrovnik from the city walls

I arrived in Dubrovnik in the peak of Summer.  It was so hot, that I found myself lounging around on pebbled beaches, dipping in and out of the Adriatic Sea, eating at least a gelato a day and drinking ice-cold beer until the sun went down.  This Croatian port city is an extremely popular tourist destination, so plan your stay for shoulder season to avoid some of the crowds.  If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you will be excited to see King’s Landing and learn about all the locations used in the film.  Otherwise, simply wandering through the maze of cobbled laneways and exploring the city walls will have you falling in love with this magnificent place.

Climb the city walls

It takes at least an hour to walk around the city walls, but make the effort.  Around every corner, you are presented with a selection of stunning views in all directions.  There are even a few restaurants and galleries to browse as you go, so allow plenty of time.  It costs 150 HKR but it well worth it.

The beginning of the walk
Looking down to the main fountain
Looking out to the port from one of the many vantage points on the city walls
New views around every corner
Walking the city walls
View over the old city

Take a Game of Thrones Tour

Even if you’re not a hard-core addict, this tour gives you a fascinating insight into the illusion of film and what goes on behind the scenes, including how they go about keeping the locals happy during filming.  Did you know, Robin Hood  and parts of Star Wars were also filmed in Dubrovnik? What’s more, it is said that the new James Bond movie is next on the cards!  Walking tours leave from the fountain and cost 150HKR.

The main entrance to the city
The water fountain
Wandering the city streets
Exploring the old city from ground level

Dine on Seafood

Sit down at one of the many restaurants and dine on salty mussels with fresh bread, pasta tossed with garlic prawns or black cuttlefish risotto.  Oh and don’t forget a glass of wine to wash it all down!  Later, feast on chocolate gelato and wander the old city by night.

Mussels (Image: Pixabay)
white-2559865_1920 copy
White wine (Image: Pixabay)
Dining at a restaurant as the sun went down

Cruise the Elaphite Islands

Take a day out on a boat, island hopping, lazing around on sandy beaches and exploring old monasteries.  It is a nice way to get away from the crowds and totally relax.  I booked my tour from the Tourist Information Centre for 250HKR, which departed from Gruž port and took me to the islands of Koločep, Šipan and Lopud.  It included lunch on the boat and unlimited white wine!  Not a bad way to spend the day.

Cruising on the boat
Exploring monasteries
Time for a swim
Pebble beaches on the islands

What did you do in Dubrovnik?  Any tips for next time?

23 thoughts

  1. Wow, beautiful photos! I was in Dubrovnik last year, and we only spent half a day in the old town area, wandering in the old town. It was really hot (mid-August) and crowded but the place is absolutely beautiful. We did spend a night near Dubrovnik lounging on nearby beaches and relaxing. I was surprised that Dubrovnik was that touristy.

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    1. Thank you! Isn’t it a beautiful place? It was also really hot and crowded when I was there, but still worth going. I think a lot of the tourists stem from “Game of Thrones” series, though it is also stunning in its own right 🙂 Maybe next time we should go in Winter!

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  2. Great photos! I think my wife an I had pretty much the same experience in April 😀 Even down to the boat cruise to the Elaphite Islands. Well worth it! Croatia in general is definitely on our must-see-again list.

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  3. This is a great overview of the city. We are planning a trip around the world in 2019, and I just wrote that we were considering Croatia. It seems to keep moving up on the list. Thanks for writing about it.

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  4. Your photos are beautiful, and your descriptions of the city were great! Our travelers are hoping to visit Croatia next year, so this type of post was very helpful!

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  5. My experience in Dubrovnik was rather great. The city is too touristic, Game of Thrones did really spark tourism, so much that even the Mayor had to cut daily admissions to the walls. I was there in the last day of May 2017 and luckily it was not as crowded as it usually is during the Summer.

    The best activity is definitely walking the walls from a side to the other, and the view from Minceta Tower is amazing. We also chartered a small glass bottom boat, but it didn’t go as expected, it was expensive, the boat wasn’t in a good condition and well. I would probably not repeat it if I ever visit, or maybe I’ll make sure which boat I’m taking before doing so. Per example I really enjoyed the boat trip we took in Budva, Montenegro.

    As for Dubrovnik I’d like to go back and maybe take the lift to Srd Hill and visit Lokrum. On our boat excursion we were taken there but the boat didn’t stop.

    Happy travels!

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    1. It was too busy, I agree, but the city is unquestionably beautiful! And yes, that walk along the city walls is amazing!! I would also like to take the lift to Srd Hill next time – I heard the views from there are lovely! Happy travels to you too 🙂

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