Never in my life had I thought to visit Montenegro.  I’d met a few people from this country many years back and it always sounded like an exotic land, but it was not really on my radar.  Nonetheless, as life had recently put me in Central Europe, I found myself backpacking through the Balkans and landed in the heart of Budva.  Or shall we call it Party Central, as the moment I stepped off the bus and took the twenty minute walk to the Old Town, I became part of a pumping party-animal scene, complete with flashing beams of coloured light, loud music and glitzy dresses.  It was around midnight when I reached my hostel, tucked inside the old city walls down a narrow alleyway.  Whilst joining the nightlife was tempting, I opted for some much-needed sleep.

It was hot in Budva – the middle of a heatwave.  So, naturally, I took a walk outside the city walls the next morning, around the cliffs to the beach.  The water was a perfect cool blue, thrill-seekers paraglided above the water and music started to beat its tunes.  Tourists feasted on fresh watermelon and sipped on coffee while the dancing statue balanced on the rocks in the sweltering sun.

Beaches just outside the Old Town
The Dancing Statue

Later in the day, I took a walk back inside the Old Town, through the castle and around the stone walls that encircled this magical place.  It felt like my hidden paradise, with the best views over the water.  The rooftops were covered in kiwi fruit vines, providing much-needed shade to the inhabitants below.  I enjoy being an observer, watching the crowds walking past, and gazing out into the never-ending, peaceful sea.

Exploring the castle
Walking around the city walls
View from the walls
Overlooking Budva

After an early dinner of cuttlefish risotto, stained black with ink, I joined the backpackers in the hostel for some beers and we ended up on a pub crawl that took us to several bars, each with their own unique charm, though I must say, my memories of the evening became rather hazy later on.  All I can say is that Budva knows how to have a good time!

Night life buzzing

Have you been to Budva?  What did you do?  Where would you recommend?

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  1. Although I live in Bulgaria, which is quite close to Montenegro, I have never been tin Montenegro. When I was working in a touristic agency we received many requests for combined Balkans tours – Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, etc. And the special wish of the tourists was to visit not Podgoricia (the capital of Monte Negro), but Budva and Kotor – every time, in every request. It seems these villages are really preferred destination.
    I think Montenegro is a very beautiful country with wonderful nature.
    Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures. I’m already hooked. One day I’ll visit Budva too 🙂

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    1. Thanks for checking out my blog! Budva and Kotor were both such beautiful cities, I can see why they were so popular – I would love to explore more of Montenegro too! Glad to have provided some inspiration!!


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