Sunday in Munich

Recently, I found myself in the heart of Bavaria, where beer runs out of the taps like water and you can find pretzels on every corner! Munich is a very charming city and, as I sat in the park and people-watched on a fine, sunny afternoon, I realised that the city has an anything-goes kind of attitude, where everyone is welcome.  I say this because it was the first time I ever saw a bearded man walking his german shepherd in broad daylight, in a park swarming with people, wearing nothing but a bumbag!  Of course, there are many other attractions – here are just a few highlights:

Explore Marienplatz

Marienplatz, the city square, dates all the way back to 1158.  The imposing neo-gothic New Town Hall is a creative masterpiece, but there are many other historic buildings if you just go for a little walk around the Old Town.  Listen to incredibly talented buskers while sipping on beer in an open air cafe.

View over Marienplatz from the St. Peter’s Church Tower
Nearby streets

St. Peter’s Church

Walk up the tower for 360 degree views of the city.  It only costs a few euros and you will get a great vantage point of all the major attractions.  Be prepared to climb up quite a few stairs though!

View from St. Peter’s Church

Surf in the English Garden

This 900 acre park is full of recreational delights, from playing boule, cycling and rollerblading, through to extensive beer gardens, a Japanese tea house and even surfing.  That’s right!  At various points of the river, you will see people clad in wet suits leap onto their boards and surf the waves, Munich style!  If you prefer, you can just jump in the river and float all the way down!

Floating down the river
Surfing in Munich

Visit a Beer Hall

Augustiner Bräustuben is a favourite, an true Bavarian beer hall serving traditional food, beers by the litre and large, freshly-baked pretzels.  If you visit the city during Oktoberfest, you might even witness men in lederhosen dancing on the tables and singing along to live music.

A Stein of Beer (Image: Pixabay)
Traditional Bavarian Duck with Knödel

Hit up the Techno Clubs

Who said techno only existed in Berlin?  You can easily find clubs that will have you dancing to repetitive electronic tunes in a trance-like state all night long. Just watch the clock if you have a bus the next day!

Image: Pixabay

Have you been to Munich?  What would you recommend? 

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  1. Wonderful. I’ve been to Munich but it was 30 years ago Jenny when I was on a Contiki tour. It was fabulous and we went to the Oktoberfest but I don’t remember too much else! 🙂🍻

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