Recently, I took a day trip to Potsdam – it takes only an hour by train and is linked with the public transport network of Berlin, so you only need to buy an ABC zone ticket and you’re set! Potsdam’s greatest attraction is Frederick the Great’sSanssouci Palace and gardens, which stretch on for ages and provide hours of good walks and conversation.  But there are also a few points of interest in the town itself.

St. Nicholas Church

This beautiful dome is one of the first buildings you will notice as you walk into town from the main train station.  For a small fee, you can walk up to the top for wonderful views of the city and surrounding countryside.

Looking over to St. Nicholas Church
St. Nicholas Church
View from the dome of St. Nicholas Church

Film Museum, Potsdam

Set in a beautiful old building, this museum provides lots of fascinating history about film  – both behind and in front of the camera. It is meant to be the oldest film museum in Germany!

Film Museum, Potsdam

Brandenburg Gate

That’s right!  Potsdam has its own Brandenburg Gate – it doesn’t have quite the same grandeur as the one in Berlin, but it is a nice entranceway to the old town and does still provide a triumphant entrance!

Brandenburg Gate, Potsdam

The Old Town

The Old Town is full of cafes, shops and old buildings, so take your time walking down all the cobbled streets and exploring what is on offer.

The Old Town, Potsdam

The Palace Gardens

You can enter the gardens for free and explore for hours if you want to.  Better still, hire a bike and pack a picnic.  Around every corner, you will discover a new palace or royal building.

Sanssouci Palace
The New Palace
The Palace Gardens

Have you been to Potsdam?  What is your favourite attraction?

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  1. We loved visiting the Sans Souci and New Palaces. So many to choose from, could only see two. The Grotto Hall, lined with shells and fossils in New Palace was incredible

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