Yesterday, I landed back on Australian soil for the first time in one and a half years!  How I have missed the land Down Under!  As I counted the days to my arrival, the cold German mornings seemed extra dark and I started to crave those endless Summer nights that I am so used to at this time of year.

I arrived at the airport in a heavy Winter coat, boots, scarf and gloves.  After a longer than expected stop-over in China (where I scoffed down a large bowl of spicy noodles) I was back on the plane bound for Melbourne, where it was all golden sunshine and smiles!  Another small plane ride later, I stepped out onto the runway in my little remote home corner in NSW, where I will be spending three glorious weeks over Christmas and New Years with the family.

It is funny what you miss when you have been away for so long.  It is always the little things that seem extra exciting, like the large coins engraved with Australian animals, the plastic notes that can be put through the washing machine and the friendly nature of the people.  I am now particularly at ease with my ability to read all the road signs and to be able to understand what everyone is saying.  That broad Aussie accent seems even broader, the birds whistle their unique tunes and the earthy scent of Eucalyptus wafts across the breeze.  Everything seems very peaceful and relaxed.

Sitting out on the verandah with a cup of tea in hand, I soak in Australia and savour every precious moment.  Even though I will be back in Europe again soon, I still call Australia home!

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