It can take quite a while to adjust to Sundays in Germany, especially if you are used to sunnier climates on the other side of the world. On Sunday, most businesses close, even supermarkets, and people generally spend the day with their families.  That is, unless your family lives in another continent.  Of course, in Summer there is no problem – you can enjoy the weather outside and hang out with friends.  But Winter tends to be a time of hibernation and nobody really wants to be out on an icy, cold, wet day.  Nonetheless, it feels pretty nice to slow down the pace of life.  So, what to do if you’re a solo traveller living abroad?

Focus on German

Read a German novel, or enhance your German language skills on Duolingo.  Better still, meet up with some friends over coffee and practice speaking together.  There are some great Meet up groups around Berlin specifically for this purpose and it is a great way to put all that learning into practice.

Image: Pixabay

Run in the park

Despite the icy cold temperatures, if you have the right gear, the weather shouldn’t stop you.  Getting some fresh air and sunlight is essential in these winter days.  Just be sure to warm up properly.

Travel planning

Plan holidays for the warmer months, or a weekend getaway to somewhere with sunshine.  Flights are cheap in Winter and exotic countries are on your doorstep.  It also reminds you that those dark winter days will soon come to an end.  How about Spain, Greece or Italy?

Image: Pixabay

Clean the house

Who wants to spend the lovely Spring months cleaning?  Why not get it all done over the Winter! Put on some up-beat music, sort out the cupboards and wardrobes and make the apartment sparkle.

Go for brunch somewhere cosy

There are lots of cute cafes to explore, probably just round the corner.  If in doubt, bakeries always serve delicious bread-based treats, cakes and coffees.  Hot chocolates are a winner on a frosty Winter’s day.

Brunch at Zimt und Zucker, Wilmersdorf

Explore galleries and museums

Whilst a lot of the shops are closed, museums and galleries remain open.  They are always well-heated and you can get the creativity flowing by checking out old art and new.  Get an annual museum pass if you’re planning to be in Berlin for a while.

Catch up on long-distance phone calls

When you’re living abroad and working full time, it can be difficult to find good times for long chats.  Sunday is perfect for this!  With apps like Skype, Messenger and WhatsApp, it makes it very easy to just pick up the phone and call.  Thanks technology!

Image: Pixabay


Cosy up with warm cups of tea and movies

Whether it be a favourite series or a good film, nothing beats snuggling under a blanket on the couch, with a hot beverage in hand, indulging in a few chocolates and temporarily absorbing yourself in another world.

Read a book in a hot bubble bath

To brighten the mood, turn on the taps and read a good book in a bath full of bubbles.  Better still, light some candles and put on some relaxing tunes.  It is an experience in itself!

Image: Pixabay

What do you do on Sundays in Winter?  Any inspiration is welcome!

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  1. We are lucky here in Australia that our Winters are not nearly as cold as in Germany, but we still enjoy cosying up by the fire with a hot cocoa and pikelets, reading a good book, knitting or watching an afternoon movie! Even though it can be quite frosty and cold overnight, the days are often golden with blue sunny skies, so it’s also quite a good time to go exploring or bushwalking.

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  2. I feel you – in smaller towns in France, it’s much the same on Sundays. When the weather was semi-decent, I quite enjoyed wandering round town and taking advantage of the fact there weren’t so many tourists!

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