At the start of last year, I wrote a post on Five Favourite Drinks in Berlin, including favourites such as Spezi, Radler and Beer mit Grün. However, digging deeper into the nightlife of this large and endlessly fascinating city, I have uncovered a few more typical beverages which you will generally find behind any Berlin Bar. Here are six drinks you might be familiar with if you’ve lived in Berlin.

Berliner Luft

A minty spirit that makes you feel like you are walking on air, Berliner Luft translates literally to ‘Berlin Air’ and I couldn’t sum it up better!  This spirit is always floating around parties and is a particularly good pick-me-up if you need to take a little refreshing break from the beer.  Some people think it tastes like mouth wash, but it is definitely more like Mint Slice biscuit!

berliner luft
A bottle of Berliner Luft


If you feel like a wine but you probably shouldn’t, try the refreshing weinschorle – white wine mixed with soda water.  Sounds a bit strange to any hard-core wine-lovers, but it is rather a refreshing summer beverage and has the benefit of rehydrating at the same time as dehydrating!

A Moscow Mule

This lime-infused spicy ginger ale vodka cocktail with a refreshing slice of cucumber is a sure way to kick start the evening.  It is by far the most delicious cocktail I have ever tried and I will definitely be introducing it to Australia in the future.  Usually served in a copper mug, the cucumber soaks up all the flavours of the drink and makes for a tasty snack after the last drop is gone.


Vodka Maté

This spruced up version of Club Maté is the perfect beverage for an all-nighter.  When ordering at a club, take a large sip of this special iced tea concoction, so that the bar tender can generously fill up the neck with vodka. It will keep you dancing all night!


Any time you find yourself in one of the many Döner shops in the city, you will probably end up walking out with an Ayran too. This salty yoghurt drink comes in many flavours, such as mango or cherry.  But my favourite is still the plain version.  You know you’re in Berlin (or alternatively Turkey) if you’re wandering around town with one of these drinks in your hand.


This favourite non-alcoholic thirst-quencher is a more subtle version of sparkling apple juice – not so sweet and it goes with just about any meal.  Best enjoyed on a sunny Summer’s day!


What are your favourite Berlin drinks? Are there any more I should try in the future?

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