Below you will find a simple selection of photos from a recent, very indulgent trip to Italy. Despite my general vegetarian habits, I couldn’t resist but fully immerse myself in the traditional dishes of the region. Wild Boar Stew, Florentine Steak and Truffled Duck with Parpadelle Pasta were just some of the delicious feasts that appeared on my plate.

Of course, there were many hearty vegetarian options too, such as Ribollita Soup, Pici Pasta with Butter and Pepper sauce and Ravioli with walnuts, spinach and cream.  And I haven’t even mentioned the mouth-watering starters, crusty panini rolls, creamy Tiramisu, thick hot chocolates and an endless stream of Chianti wine and Limoncello!  Italy did not disappoint and I rolled out the other end feeling highly satisfied and probably a few kilos heavier.  Why can’t all cultures enjoy their food so much?! Enjoy casting your eyes over a couple of these dreamy experiences!

I will definitely be trying to recreate a few of these dishes at home.  I hope I have provided you with a bit of inspiration too!

Buon Appetito!

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