Berlin can be a cold, dark place over the Winter.  But it does have its perks! The other day, I was casually wandering through the city on a surprisingly sunny day, when I came across a frozen lake in one of the parks.  As an Australian, I had never had the chance to walk across water like this before. It was a real thrill! After an initial period of hesitation, I gained enough confidence to walk over the entire lake. Adults skated casually past, pulling their children behind them in sleds. I felt like I had stepped into a story book!  Here are a couple of photos from this magical, icy day in Berlin!

Walking through Berlin in Winter
Looking over the icy water to Museum Island
A small frozen lake in the city
On an icy lake for the first time ever!
Family day out!
The surface of the lake – looks pretty cold!
Standing on my first frozen lake!

There is a certain beauty in Winter, when the sun shines in a clear blue sky and the crisp air bites into your skin.  But I must say, I am looking forward to getting into a few more plus temperatures!

What is the coldest temperature you have ever felt?  Does it beat -12 degrees Celsius?!

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  1. Berlin looks beautiful in the winter! Last winter I was in Calgary and it got as cold as -40 with wind chill. .. bit of a shock when I’m used to nothing colder than -5 back in the UK! Luckily spring is on its way 😊 great post!

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    1. Thank you! Wow! I can’t believe how cold -40 would feel, especially with the wind! I used to think 0 was cold, but it is all a matter of perception. Now I’m very content with a mild 0 degrees 🙂


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