When I was growing up, the only German band I had ever heard of was Rammstein and I never really thought much of it.  Since moving to Berlin, my music collection has grown to include a huge variety of Deutsch music.  Aside from the obvious techno-influence, hip hop is also prolific and seems to sound even cooler in the German language than English.  I have listed a few favourites below for anyone wishing to diversify their music collection!

Die Prinzen – an accapella band from the 1980s, Mein Fahrrad remains a favourite, along with Küssen Verboten.  Very catchy tunes, great hair styles and still performing live today!  Sehr schön!

AnnenMayKantereit – Can you believe one of the band members is Milky Chance?!  I never knew he was German until moving over here.  Check out Es geht mir gut and Pocahontas.

Seeed – Electronic and Reggae in a unique mix of Deutsch and English.  Makes you feel like you’re sipping cocktails on a German tropical island!  If only one existed!

KAAS & Jugglerz in Jamaica – this German hip hop/rap is great to get the party started!  It goes well with Club Mate and Vodka, if you want to really immerse yourself in the Berlin party life.

Käptn Peng – Der Anfang ist nah and other great tunes.

Cro – Hip hop/Rap for beer-drinking, table-tennis playing and dancing.

Moop Mama – Look up Liebe.  Good vibes!

Zuna – more hip hop with a unique sound.

The Wise Guys – Jetzt Ist Sommer is a great tune to pick you up in Winter.  As the lyrics suggest, Summer is all about what’s in your head!

Die Fantastischen Vier – German pop, for a little break from the hip hop and electronic scene.

Wir Sind Helden Another German pop band.  Nur Ein Wort is a favourite!

Basically I’ll be going home to Australia with a lot of German hip hop and pop music and won’t be forgetting how to speak German any time soon!

Who are your favourite German bands?  Am I missing any essentials?

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  1. Music is such a great way to enjoy different cultures and evoke memories of your travelling days later on in the future! Enjoy your concert!

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