View from the hostel window

It is not often I go to a town and explore it completely afresh.  No map, no tourist information centre, no research.  When I arrived in Lake Constance, it was pouring with rain.  I took a short walk across the border into Switzerland to find the Kreuzlingen Youth Hostel.  I had the whole dormitory to myself on the first night.  Outside the window, a huge blue lake stretched out to the horizon. In the distance, you could see snow-capped mountains and houses with staircase roof tops. That evening I walked back into Germany to find some dinner. I say that with a smile on my face, because you just can’t do that when you live in Australia.

The Old Town of Constance

The next morning I took a stroll along the lake in Switzerland and listened to the different bird calls and the soft sound of water washing up onto the white pebbly shores. I walked for some time until I crossed back over the German border and ended up by the harbour. You could hear the occasional horn of a ferry and see some white sailing boats dancing in the wind.  It was a cloudy day, the rain poured down and I escaped into a small craft brewery to warm up with beer, goulash and spätzle.

Looking towards Constance from Switzerland

Later, when the sun re-emerged, I stumbled upon the cathedral and naturally felt the urge to climb the clock tower.  The wind was so strong that it created a piercing whistling sound inside.  At the top, I turned my head to the wind and felt the cold air blast across my face.  The view over the lake was stunning – crisp blue water, pretty roof tops and a tall church spire. It felt like magic was happening up there and that I was a part of it.

View from the Clocktower, Lake Constance

Back in the Old Town, I continued to browse the shops for a while before walking back through the wind and rain, to my Swiss hostel.  There is something about being in the countryside by a lake that makes you feel like anything is possible. With more time, I could have taken a ferry somewhere or done some more hikes.  But sometimes, if the luxury exists, it is nice to simply relax and soak it all in, with no time pressure, no need to be anywhere else.  Completely free.

Lake Constance

What did you do in Lake Constance?  Did you catch a ferry to any of the other towns?  

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  1. My husband lived and worked in Konstanz some years ago and thanks to your lovely photos Jenny those memories came flooding back. We’ve not re-visited for a while but will be going back there in May for a trip down memory lane.

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