Hills covered in vineyards and topped with castles, Baroque and Rococo architecture and sunny days!  What’s not to love about Würzburg?! I came across this city by accident really – it seemed like a fairly good halfway point between Lake Constance and Berlin, so I decided to take a day to explore this Bavarian town.  The locals told me I should have stayed a week and they were probably right.  There is plenty to do, aside from the pure delight of strolling around in the sunshine, drinking in the glorious first taste of Spring!  As I was only there for an afternoon, I will take you on a short photographic walking tour:

Start off at the Maria Chapel in the central market place.


Make your way to the Old Bridge, where you will find many people drinking wine and basking in the much needed sunlight!


Cross the bridge and turn left until you see this beautiful view of Fortress Marienberg.


Walk uphill, following the foot path through the vineyards.


Continue under the first fortress gate.


Take a chance to soak in magnificent view number 1!


Continue through the vineyards and around to the entrance of the fortress.


Explore the courtyards of the fortress and, if you arrive in opening hours, check out the exhibitions inside.


Soak in views of Würzburg from the fortress gardens.


Take one last look at the fortress.


Descend through the fortress gardens.


Walk back across the Old Bridge…


…and into the gardens of the Würzburg Residence.  Be sure to check opening hours if you want to take a look inside.


Finish off by walking through the Ring Park, which surrounds the Old Town.


Allow about three hours to enjoy this leisurely walk, but make sure you leave early if you want to see inside any of the buildings.  Next time, I will stay just a little longer!

Have you been to Würzburg?  What was the highlight of your trip?

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