Cherry Blossom Trees, Lichterfelde/Treptow

South of Berlin (Lichterfelde/Teltow) you can enjoy a beautiful avenue of Cherry blossom trees that stretch for about 2 km along a section of the Mauer Weg – the trail where the Berlin Wall once stood.  The Japanese donated funds for this project in celebration of the reunification of Germany after the Wall came down and it is a truly beautiful experience to walk through this avenue of trees in full bloom.  Bring a picnic and you can spend hours lazing around beneath the branches, watching people as they go by, with their cameras, bikes and even horses!  This is very much a seasonal activity, so be sure to time the trip to coincide with early Springtime and spend a whole sunny afternoon there.  It is magic!

Cherry Blossom
Getting amongst the Cherry Blossom!

Have you been to the Avenues of Cherry Blossom?  What are your favourite parts about Berlin in Springtime?  

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