Oh Spring! It is a glorious time of year in Berlin, especially as it follows quite a dramatically cold winter which seems to go on for half the year. Every time I step foot out of my apartment these days, I am struck with a dream-like sensation. Everything is covered with a hazy romantic glow, as the birds tweet their European tunes and the flowers burst into vibrant colours. The bees hum, trees are covered in lush green foliage and everyone is in a good mood! Let’s celebrate with a series of beautiful flowers!!









What are your favourite things to do in Springtime?  If you could go anywhere at this time of year, where would it be?

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  1. Oh wow, I must say the sunflower certainly puts me in a happy mood! I notice that, in your second last photo, the sensor appears to have been overwhelmed by the rich red of the petals, to the point of losing all details. I encountered the same issue when photographing a red tulip at the Keukenhof flower garden in April. I remember that bringing the details back also resulted in the tulip not looking the way I remembered it to.

    But anyway, these are only details. I agree with you that spring is a glorious time of the year. It’s such a joy seeing flowers sprouting out of the ground or blooming on trees, as if to tell winter to go away. Good post!

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    1. Thank you! Yes, aren’t sunflowers beautiful? 🌻 I must admit, I used filters on some of these photos to enhance the colour, as I just love the effects! You’re right though, some of the detail is lost and, if you were studying them in detail, it would be best to keep them all natural 🙂 Next time, I might try to catch some photos in the sunlight ☀️ 😊


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