A while back, I published an article on Eleven Free Travel Apps (check it out here).  Since living abroad for a few years, I have found a few more to add to the list.  Here are some of my new favourites – easy-to-use and conveniently stored on the phone –  just make sure you bring a battery pack to keep fully charged and don’t get too stuck to your screen.  Nothing beats a real-life connection!


Pay a small deposit and then cash on arrival.  This app is by far the most convenient hostel booking sight and has reliable photos, reviews and easy-to-follow directions to the hostel. It stores all your bookings in one place and offers plenty of cheap accommodation options.


This app allows you to find couchsurfing hosts in the area you are travelling and also allows you to organise meet ups with other travellers within your vicinity.  It’s free, well-used and reliable.  Just be sure to choose hosts with plenty of reviews and get in touch a few days beforehand to guarantee a couch to sleep on.


For travelling by bus around Germany and many other countries in Europe, this app is extremely convenient to use, gives you notifications when your journey is about to depart and notifies you of real-time delays.  It also stores all your journeys and tickets in one place on your phone and the company itself offers super cheap deals with central bus stops.


A bit like the couch surfing app, Meetup allows you to get in touch with like-minded individuals with common interests, whether it be international language meet ups, dance classes or sport sessions.    It is a great way to meet locals and travellers, make new friends and learn new skills!


This app is another great place to go for accommodation and is often very affordable if you are travelling with a group of people. Rent a room in a family house, or an entire apartment to yourselves.  Airbnbs are homely and usually well-equipped and make for a more authentic stay.  Be aware, there is usually a cleaning fee included on top of the normal price.

What are some of your favourite go-to travel apps?  I’m always after new suggestions!

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