We arrived in Spain to soaring temperatures. The dry heat of the South has everyone craving the water, so it is no coincidence that we ended up at a beach within a few days. We took the hire car and followed family down to Campoamor, situated in the Southeast corner of Spain. Spanish beaches are similar to Australian beaches in many ways – the water is very warm and there is soft sand, as opposed to most of the pebbly beaches of Europe, which is a refreshing change and makes me feel right at home!

However, in contrast to the often vast and empty beaches of my home country, the beaches in Spain are extremely colourful and packed with holiday-makers. People bring their own sun lounges, beach umbrellas and cool bags full of drinks to settle in for a whole day of swimming, tanning, lounging around and people-watching. Of course, the sun here is still hot, but Europeans love a good tan. Vendors walk up and down the crowded shoreline selling colourful sarongs.


There is even the possibility to get a massage from one of the friendly Thai ladies for just 10 euros. After a wonderful 20 minutes head, shoulder and neck massage, I sat up on my sun lounge, looked out into the ocean and thought to myself that life could not get much better than this moment in time. What a wonderful start to this Mediterranean adventure!


What is your favourite Spanish beach?  Any recommendations?

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  1. Just soak up that warmth and sunshine- enough to last you for a few months anyway until the weather warms up here!!! Love the colourful beach umbrellas!

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