Travel is such an enriching experience and while a lot of time, people think of travel as an experience with a friend, partner or family, independent travel is also hugely popular and can open your eyes to a whole new perspective of the world. Travelling alone allows you to really immerse yourself in a location; without a travel companion, you can design your own schedule and you can go wherever and whenever you want. If you wish to relax for a day, you can, and you have many options for meeting new people in your new location. Of course, travelling alone has differences – you need to be mindful of being careful in terms of letting people know where you are and how you can be contacted. It’s important to still have your wits about you. However, travelling alone can be an immersive and overall relaxing way to travel and can also allow you to really get to know your inner self.

The guys from Ireland Walk Hike Bike have put together this useful infographic which outlines a number of apps that can be utilized when on the go. Some focus on safety and some focus on communication, plus there lots more. It’s also split into segments to show reviews, costs (if any) and platform suitability. Check it out below!


Note: text and infographic provided by Ireland Walk Hike Bike



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