We sat down at a luxurious banquet table, with large can chairs and wine glasses stuffed with lime green serviettes. Flamenco guitar and the chattering of Spanish voices floated through the crowd.  As the waiter took our order, the show had already begun.  Heavy tap rhythms sounded from the stage and arms twirled in the air.  Fiery passion hung between the dancing couple and they maintained fierce eye contact whilst spinning around each other in time to the music.

Our tapas and drinks started to arrive at the table just as a younger boy, dressed in a waistcoat, started dancing on stage, his chest puffed out like a Spanish bull in the ring and a mighty confident look of pride upon his face. Dancing dresses changed throughout the evening and coloured lights illuminated the performance, as the sun set and the main meals arrived.


The restaurant itself was set in a historic hotel, Restaurante la Encarnacion. The interior courtyard had flowers climbing up onto the verandas and you could easily imagine yourself back in time in this beautiful place. It was set right on the ocean at Los Alcazares, so if you listened closely you could hear the calming sound of waves.  The mid-Summer temperatures were sweltering, but the food and flamenco took our minds off the heat temporarily.


That night, we feasted on octopus salad, goats cheese with red grapes, fresh bread with olive oil, salty jamon and hard cheeses. We drank white wine with fish and ate fresh fruits and profiteroles for dessert.


By the end of the evening, our entire table had been encouraged out of their seats to dance along.  The lady showed us how to do some basic steps and how to spin our hands in time to the music.  It was a wonderful welcome to the South of Spain!

What is your favourite live entertainment in Spain?  Any suggestions?

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