If you are looking to visit a city in the south of Spain, it is hard to go past Granada. Obviously, the Alhambra is a huge drawcard, but there is much more to this city than meets the eye. From Moorish palaces, Catholic cathedrals, grand bazaars and beautiful gardens, to endless tapas bars, wine and music, this city captivates travellers from far and wide.

The Alhambra

Allow at least half a day at this historic and magical complex. Absorb exquisite designs inside the Nasrid Palace and let the rest take you by surprise.  Click here for more information.

Inside the Nasrid Palace

The Generalife

Take your time walking through these well-established gardens, which offer beautiful views over the Alhambra, not to mention endless beds of flowers and pretty fountains.

View from the Generalife

Mirador de San Nicolas

Either walk or take a taxi uphill to this plaza, which provide further stunning views over the Alhambra and the city of Granada.  Beat the crowds by arriving well before sunset to secure a good seat for this natural show!

View from Mirador de San Nicolas at sunset

The Free Walking Tour

If you’re struggling to find a free walking tour, pop into a nearby hostel and they will point you in the right direction.  These tours operate on tips, so the guides are nearly always enthusiastic and very knowledgeable. They will give you a thorough run-down on the history of the city, show you the best sights and give you useful tips on where to eat the best tapas and where to find a good flamenco show.  We even got to peek inside a little church where nuns pray around the clock, for their entire lives.

City square fountain
The starting point for the free walking tour

Cathedral and Royal Chapel

These grand and impressive buildings stand in the city centre and have a fascinating history.  The comprehensive audio guide will fill you in on many interesting facts, or you can ask the walking tour guide for a more summarised version.

The Cathedral


The Alcaicería is a colourful bazaar selling Moroccan silks, bags, fans, purses, lamps and much more. It is nestled down a long and narrow alley-way, making it perfect for pick-pockets, so be sure to keep your hand on your bag, just to be on the safe side!

The Alcaicería

Eat Tapas

Order a wine or beer at any bar here and you will automatically be given tapas.  Olives, jamon and cheeses are very popular, but vegetarian options are also available on request. It all happens before and after siesta time (and in the heat of the summer, you will probably want to fit in with the locals, as it is too hot to do anything else but sleep).  If you’re after something more refreshing, go for a gazpacho soup or an ice-cream from Los Italianos – doesn’t sound very Spanish, I know, but the ice-cream is absolutely delicious!

Tapas from one of the local bars

What were some of your favourite things to do in Granada?  How long would you recommend staying to make the most of this city?

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