Located on the beach and just a short bus ride east of Malaga, this picturesque town in the south of Spain is definitely worth a day trip.  There are many draw cards to the area, including caves, waterfalls and kayaking.  But if you’re just looking to escape the big city, you can also find smaller beaches and lovely coastal walks.  Settle under the shade of a big palm tree, get a massage, take a dip in the ocean and feast on giant paella, or if you prefer something a bit lighter, a refreshingly cool gazpacho soup.  We just spent an afternoon here, but I would recommend a few days, as there is plenty to do in the area.  Check out the mini photo tour below!

View from the town centre
Paddling in the sea
Cooking up a giant paella

How would you spend a day in Nerja?  Did you get a chance to see the caves and waterfalls?

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  1. Oh I would love some of that paella! I’ve lived in Europe for four years now and have still not visited Spain (or Portugal, for that matter), but if I did I’d have tons of the stuff!

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