Located on the Sapphire Coast, just over 5 hours drive South of Sydney, the sleepy coastal town of Merimbula is the perfect spot for a seaside holiday.  Nearly all year round, you will find empty beaches, blue skies and endless ocean views, not to mention a huge variety of local Australian animals and wildlife.  If you’re only there for a day, check out a few of these favourite places:

Have breakfast at the Waterfront Cafe

This local cafe offers delicious coffee and amazing breakfasts!  Poached eggs and avocado on toast, chocolatey waffles and big fry-ups will keep you going all day.  Alternatively, you can get a healthy Chia pudding or a smoothie.  Whatever you choose, it feels like it has just stepped out of Melbourne or Sydney.  After breakfast, take time to explore the local shops to discover some hidden gems.

Breakfast at the Waterfront Cafe

Go for a walk along the boardwalk

Next to the bridge in Market Street you will find access to the start of the boardwalk, which takes you 3.4 kilometres along the lake, past the oyster farms and mangroves and under the eucalyptus trees.  You will be sure to see lots of bird life, so take the binoculars if you are keen bird-watchers.  Right near the bridge, you can sometimes even see a seal, if you’re lucky!

The Merimbula Boardwalk

Visit the Old School Museum

This local history museum stands in the old school house and uncovers some of the fascinating history of the area.  Opening times are limited to Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday afternoons from 1.30pm – 4.00pm or by appointment, so be sure to plan your visit in advance.

The Old School Museum, Merimbula

Go surfing at Short Point

Down on the beach, you can check out the local surf, go swimming or relax into a beach afternoon. If you walk onto the beach itself, there are several entrance points to the Mundooi Walk, which stretches the whole way around the lake and offers great opportunities for bird-watching.  You can also walk through the wild-flowers and all the way up to Tura Beach, where you will find a stunning look-out back towards Short Point.  Allow plenty of time to explore this area.

View from Short Point across to the beach

Have a coffee at Bar Beach Kiosk

Go for a dip in the water before hanging out at the kiosk for a milkshake or a coffee.  This little place oozes holiday charm (and is generally only open in the summer, so be sure to check times before you go).

Chai Latte at Bar Beach Kiosk

Watch a film at the Picture Show Man

This twin cinema shows all the latest films, so if you catch yourself in Merimbula on a rainy day, it could be the perfect place to nestle in and escape to another world, with a coke and a big tub of pop corn!

The Picture Show Man, Merimbula

Eat Dinner at Dulcie’s Cottage

Don’t be fooled by this innocent little cottage! Dulcie’s is known around town for live music, delicious burgers and plenty of beer. It is a great spot to hang out for a Sunday session, or simply unwind after a day of sight-seeing.

Dulcie’s Cottage

If you’re in the area for longer, you might want to tag along on a whale-watching tour, or go and explore one of the many nearby national parks. Bittangabee Bay and Mimosa Rocks National Park offer beautiful camping locations, but be sure to book well in advance over peak season.  Whatever you do, don’t make too many plans.  Part of the joy of this area is the slower pace of life.  It can become so relaxing here, you might never want to leave!

Sunset over the lake near the entrance for the Mundooi Walk.

Have you been to Merimbula?  Where are some of your favourite places here?

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