After doing significant travel over Europe, I ended up with a giant collection of post cards.  Every time I sift through them, they trigger memories and take me back into another place in time.  They are like travel portals. Imagine if you could just step right into one and be transported!

Travelling to a different country can be, in many ways, like visiting a new world!  The people often speak in another language and wear different kinds of clothes.  The architecture is different, and so is the nature. You hear different bird sounds, smell different scents. There are different rules and norms. Sometimes, the weather and seasons are opposite, or just completely different to where you are from.  You might be wading through metres of snow in below freezing temperatures, or standing under a tropical downpour of rain beneath the palm trees.  If you use your imagination, you can travel anywhere you want in your mind!

Imagine travelling in a time where the internet and photography did not exist. You would only be able to bring back journals, sketches and exotic artefacts.  Travel would be a lot slower, and no doubt more dangerous.  Would people even believe you were there?  Would you believe it yourself when you returned, or would it all just feel like a dream?

I started collecting post cards on my first trip to Europe, eventually laminating them into posters and putting them up around the house.  I continued the habit in my last few years overseas, so that now I have more postcards than I know what to do with!  I still have to figure out a way to display them – perhaps under a glass coffee table, or in frames, or posters. It is definitely worth putting them up though. They are a good conversation starters for when visitors come over, and provide a lot of inspiration for future trips. As for me, whenever I look into one of these little windows, I am taken back to a beautiful moment in time!

A small sample of my European postcard collection

Does anyone else collect postcards?  How have you displayed them?  What other souvenirs do you collect on your travels?

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  1. I usually buy postcards when traveling because their pictures are better than mine (ideal light, no people walking through them…) I like my photos, but these other ones are also nice to have.
    When I lived in Japan, I used to buy the box of postcards at shrines and temples. Some were to send and some I could keep. Sometimes it was difficult to part with the really good ones.

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  2. I love collecting postcards on my travels, too 🙂 At the moment, I store them in a plastic box as I can’t stick things to the walls (rental problems!) but when I have my own place, I’d love to have a corkboard wall to display them on!

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    1. It’s quite nice having them in a box too – like a little treasure chest of travel memories that you can sift through whenever you feel like it! A cork board wall also sounds great though! I would love to see it when you have the space for it 🙂

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