Perfect Summer day at Tuross Head

I love a good action-packed adventure, but there is something very relaxing about a sleepy seaside holiday. I recently spent a glorious week at Tuross Head, a small town located on the South coast of New South Wales, surrounded by ocean, sandy beaches and lakes. It doesn’t take long before you leave the pressures of every day life behind you in a place like this, where the most difficult decision you will find yourself asking is “Should I have fresh prawns or fish and chips for dinner?”

Fresh prawns from the Tuross Boatshed

Spend the mornings surfing, lazing on the beach or taking a dip in the ocean. There are plenty of bikeways for cycling and running and lots of viewpoints to sit and contemplate life. Hire a kayak from the Tuross Boatshed and go for a gentle paddle, or simply wake up late and feast on fresh fruit salad. In the heat of the midday sun, you might want to retreat to a cafe for lunch, or find a shady tree and settle in for an afternoon with a good book.

Kayaking on the lake

Later in the evening, as the sun sets and the temperature cools off a bit, there are a couple of particularly great spots to eat. The Tuross Boatshed is right on the water and serves traditional battered fish and chips, fresh prawns and oysters at a very reasonable price. Next door, you will find a more formal dining atmosphere at The Pickled Octopus, with lake views and delicious food and wine.

The Tuross Boatshed

If you find yourself with some spare time, you can always take a short drive down to the Bodalla Dairy Shed for milkshakes and ice creams, or drive further South to check out the seals at Australia Rock in Narooma. On a rainy day, you can head North to Batemans Bay, watch a film at the cinema and do a bit of shopping, before heading back to Tuross Head for another evening in paradise!

Sunset at Tuross Head

Have you been to Tuross Head? Where is your favourite seaside holiday location?

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  1. This may seem like a strange comment, but I instantly noticed (and appreciated) that you took the picture of your meal from a different (side) angle. So many food pictures are taken from above and yours was so much better. I don’t often photograph my food, but when I do, I’m going to try to remember to get down next to it. Very professional-looking! Sounds like a wonderful trip!

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