Even though travel can sometimes seem so far out of reach for whatever reason, there is nothing to say it can’t happen. And moving overseas? Well, it’s simply a matter of step-by-step. Here is a list that might help you to get started with that trip of a lifetime!

1. Book your ticket

I always find that, once the ticket is booked, things start to happen. You now have a definite date to work towards. Things will start rolling into place.  You might also want to book your travel insurance now, or just before you leave.

2. Become friends with the bank

Save hard. Invest in a travel money card. Let your bank know where you are going and when you plan to be away, so they don’t block your card while you’re overseas.

3. Eliminate unnecessary expenses

Give notice to your current landlord, cancel any contracts you might have with phone companies and electricity providers to avoid any hefty fines and allow plenty of time to remove clutter. You might be able to make some spare travel money by selling unwanted items on Gumtree or Ebay. Don’t spend too much money on storage – especially things like clothes. Fashions will have changed when you eventually return!

4. See a Travel Doctor

Double check with a travel doctor what vaccinations you might need, and also do a bit of your own research.  Some countries may require certain vaccinations before entering.  Others are a matter of personal choice and peace-of-mind, and often depend on whether you will be travelling in remote jungles, or big cities.  Regardless, it is good to check out all the options.  Nothing worse than contracting a serious disease in a foreign country!

5. Update Online Services

Make sure your online services require security questions rather than text messages. That way,  for example, you can still log on to do your tax return, even when you have an overseas phone number.

6. Check you have the right visa

If you’re under 31, there are lots of great working holiday visas on offer. If you’re older, it helps to have a career and some experience under your belt, and it is even better if you can secure a contract, or at least some interviews, prior to arrival. Having said that, if you choose a country with a long enough tourist visa, you may be able to find work in the country and then apply for a work permit. Nothing is achieved without a leap of faith.

7. Work out a place to stay

You might want to book into a hostel or Air BnB for the first couple of weeks until you find your feet. Or better still, if you already know someone, you could see if you can crash on their couch for a short while. Whatever you do, it will be much more comfortable having a place organised in advance!

8. Redirect your mail

Make sure any mail back in your home country is redirected to a relative’s address, or to your overseas residence. You don’t want to miss any important letters, like new bank cards.  Speaking of cards, try renewing any that are about to expire before leaving the country.  It will make it easier when you get back.

9. Notify the Electoral Role

Notify the electoral role that you will be overseas for an extended period of time (you can download a form from the website) or apply to get a postal vote sent to you, so you can still have your say on what’s going on back at home.

10. Unlock your phone

A lot of phones are already unlocked these days, but double check to be on the safe side. That way, you can buy a cheap sim card on arrival. If you want to keep your Australian phone number, you can keep it connected to WhatsApp, whilst using the other phone number for text messages. Data roaming is an option but often becomes very expensive.

11. Prepare a Resume

Prepare a resume in keeping with the style of the country. Do some research online beforehand. Some countries prefer shorter resumes, other longer and more detailed. Also, check out job options. When you’re working in a foreign language, you are most likely going to be out of your comfort zone, so it helps to have a few ideas up your sleeve.

Have you thought of anything else than needs to be done before moving overseas? Tell me about your experiences!

Cover Image: Pixabay

4 thoughts

  1. Great suggestions, obviously gleaned from lot of experience!!! Hope you’ve done all of them, especially the travel insurance!!!

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  2. Some other ideas
    Do some basic research (you may not need all those heavy clothes)
    load your kindle/kobo with books if you are moving to a country with a different language

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