It is not often in my travels that I return somewhere. But Berlin has something about it that draws you back, time and time again. It is hard to put a finger on the feeling of the place: an open-minded, creative hub, full of hipsters from all over the world; Döner joints and bakeries on every corner; Radlers in the sunshine; Techno music and Berliner Luft in the early hours of the morning. Berlin welcomes you in and doesn’t let go. Ever since making the decision to return to the German capital, things have fallen into place. I know I will return to Australian sunny skies and beaches in the future.  It will always be my home. But for now, the world has different ideas!  Let’s see what new adventures unfold. See you in the Northern Hemisphere!

Image: Pixabay
Image: Pixabay
A typical Berlin feast 

Have you ever returned to a place?  Was it just as good the second or third time round?

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  1. For me, it is Barcelona. I’m not actually joking when I say that I’ve lost count of the number of visits I’ve made to that city. For me it has so much to offer.. Sun, sand, shopping, mountains, history..
    I can see the appeal with Berlin, we went there for an Xmas Market a few years back, and vowed to go back.

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    1. Barcelona is such a beautiful city. What a great spot to keep going back to! Yes, it’s funny how certain places draw you in. You’ll definitely have to revisit Berlin in the summer some time too.


  2. Hello.

    It is about two years ago when we visited there. Two nights and one day, do not offer much, but we succeeded to find something new and old. Thank you for this post.

    Have a good day!

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