No neighbourhoods are the same in Berlin and I always delight in exploring new districts. Walking around Pankow feels like you are in a German village, except that you are just a short train ride from the centre of the capital city. It is the Easter weekend and finally it is possible to go outside without a jacket. The weather is warm, the skies are blue and the sun gives everything a hazy glow, as if you were in a dream. Everyone leaves their apartment for long walks or bicycle rides, picnics and games in the park. Tulips decorate the gardens with bright reds and yellows, trees burst with pink cherry blossom and European birds fill the air with their peaceful tunes.

Taking a walk with no particular goal in mind is one of my favourite things to do in the Springtime here. This time, it all started with a run around the Schlosspark, where I paused for a moment to enjoy the hundreds of tulips outside Shönhausen Palace.

Tulips outside Schönhausen Palace

I also managed to catch glimpse of a red squirrel darting up the tree!

The red squirrel

Later, I continued walking to Bürgerpark, where hand-painted easter eggs hung from the trees in front of the fountain.

Easter decorations

Events unfolded in their usual delicious way, as I stumbled across a typical German beer garden, Rosengarten, in the middle of the park.

Beer in Rosengarten, Bürgerpark

After a feast of sausage in bread and a long glass of beer, the walk continued around the park and back towards the town hall.

Pankow Town Hall

Of course, no afternoon in Germany is complete without coffee and cake, which slipped down perfectly, before wandering home.

Coffee and cake

Have you been to Pankow?  What are your favourite restaurants?  Where else would you recommend to explore?

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